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Making a brand successful is the ultimate win. It is about the dream and the promise. It is the unveiling and the igniting of passion that fuels your people.

At Next Century Global we dig deeper than the rest to expose the truest core of your brand. We then refine and build your value through capturing your authentic identity. Here is where your vision comes alive and you experience your brands’ pride and joy. We call it The Glory Days.

At Next Century Global we work hard at getting you there. We treat your brand like it is our own because when you reach your glory days we reach ours!

The NCG Methodology

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  • Automotive
  • Civic/Philanthropic/Non-Profit
  • Consumer Goods
  • Consumer Products
  • Corporate Relations
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion/Beauty/Fragrance
  • Food, Wine & Spirits
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home Design
  • Hospitality
  • Luxury
  • Media
  • Politics
  • Public Affairs
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Sports Management
  • Technology
  • Travel & Distinctive Properties


Our mission is to bring you a full circle strategy by providing you the most creative, intelligent, gutsy, confident, well respected and relaxed team in the branding field. Our team fully understands the serious psychology behind branding.

Brand Management

Defining your brand is intuitive to us. We thrive on discovering what makes your brand tick.

Like a fine watch your timing and movement must be to perfection. Our branding technique incorporates the soul of your brand into anyone who touches it. We start from the foundational core and work our way out of the box always aiming to bring your clients an exciting and revealing brand interpretation that they intimately will connect with.

Our exclusive branding process will bring you high performance conversion rates. . It begins with a meeting of the minds with your team and ours. From that moment on we become one with your brand and we push through any and all limitations to magnify and heighten your brand perception and increase your brand value to its’ maximum potential.

And that is just the beginning...

Strategic Partnerships/

We believe all partnerships must be built on solid ground. In our playground we have a Give Give rule. When developing your strategic relationships we make certain they are fundamentally strong by ensuring both parties will equally benefit from the alliance. We hone in identify what your brand has to offer and align your brand essence and incentives with a partner that enhances your brand’s personality and allows it to thrive in this partner or sponsor ecosystem. Hence your partner will be certain to experience the same benefits. By striking the perfect balance we bring your company value, credibility and a vision worth more than just a transactional relationship.

Original Content

We believe what your organization has to say should be as unique as your fingerprint and does deserve to be managed as such. We will find a way to establish your brand by creating a stronger thought leading voice that will allow you to interact more meaningfully with your customers. You will become your market influencer. Finding ways to customize high-value, intent-driven, top original content within your business is something that needs to be expressed in a manner that will leave your customers feeling satisfied. We will provide the most up-to-date focus driven content with new platforms to keep you way ahead of the game.

Digital Media

The digital world takes a whole new dynamic spin and is an evolving and expanding outlet.

We help your company become the creative genius and thought leader in your marketplace by providing new and disrupting platforms that will put your brand far ahead of the pack. By featuring new products and content management systems this will allow flexibility of updates and allow future commerce integration, infographs, search engine optimization (SEO), website design and development. By allowing accessible information and creating complex impact on your brands strategy we keep you at the top of search engines and attain undeniable growth in this new digital. We bring you the future and take your brand to places far beyond your corporate dreams.

Social Media, Product Launch, Public Relations

Social media, product launch, and public relations are important areas in a brand campaign launch. This is often where branding is first put to the test…. And scores A+’s.

Our dynamic team all agree that these are their favorite work spaces. We highly perform in expressing your brand through careful execution of effective communication with our proven platforms including a more efficient and effective approach to attracting new customers to your site leaving your focus on your company.

We strategically leverage decades of relationships to bring your brand to rising star level in nanoseconds.


Everything starts with a story…. This is an outstanding place to begin yours with the Next Century Global production team.

Using our production team we will begin to build upon your vision and create your script. Utilizing entertaining branded content and leveraging great relationships we ultimately bring your vision to life on the big screen and beyond.

We have a full service production team ready to unite, create and execute. Branding, content writing, casting , scripting, pre and post production, and investment.

Companies We
Work With

Recent Clients

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Wish Upon A Hero Foundation

NCG is excited to have taken the helm to direct and execute the Wish Upon A Hero Foundation.

Developing a rebrand with a new mission and Board of Directors, initiating important cause marketing relationships, launching 100 heroes in 100 days campaign, building a world conference on youth philanthropy, and providing all content and managing social media.

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NCG is proud to have taken this new ladies activewear company from its launch into a fast growing national movement. Bringing instant success for this ecommerce and retail business by branding the sensational #DefineBrave campaign and creating a movement and emotion behind this all -inclusive brand.

Creating brand awareness by developing relationships with influential women across the country while driving national media attention.

And it is just the beginning for this fast moving and fresh company.

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It started with a dream. A children’s book and stuffed rabbit. NCG branded THE RAINBOW RABBIT interactive elementary educational program which is now used throughout national school systems. We designed a full circle program reaching students, educators, parents, and counselors which has been deemed as the only program that offers a multitude of intense lessons on adversity, love, and tolerance. We recently added a ground breaking mentorship program and plan for extensive additions to this brand.


THUZIO EXECUTIVE CLUB - Tiki Barber’s new and powerful executive club is a great partner where we engage our clients offering them the best of top level conversation and networking.

NCG proud to be a founding member.

JEN GROOVER MEDIA - Jen has been internationally recognized as a serial entrepreneur and global visionary.

Working with businesses, artists, media, Universities and even the United Nations we are in sync with Jen as she provides clarity and vision to our work.

Constantly developing strategic partnerships that enhance, leverage and build value to the brands we work with.

USAPHONE.COM - Leading in the communications industry for over 30 years NCG utilizes our partnership to offer our client's solutions to all of their communication needs. Taking clients into the Next Century with our help.

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Anne formed Next Century Global to bring companies and brands into the future by offering them world-class branding and resources to help them reach the pinnacle of success.

She built her professional reputation by using wonderworking methodologies to assist entrepreneurs and non-profit companies. Rolling up her sleeves and digging in, she leads companies through the branding process with razor sharp execution. Fortunately, this is Anne’s passion and her purpose. She prides herself on building unparalleled excitement around brands and finding perfect strategic partner relationships to create the win-win.

By cultivating and producing highly energetic atmospheres – every project thrives that she touches. This proves to be the ultimate reward for her clients. Some of her proudest work accomplishments are from producing successful brand strategies with Clear Channel, Ford Motor Company, International Healthcare Volunteers, American Red Cross, Wish Upon A Hero Foundation, Canary Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of America and others.

Anne has been highly awarded for her leadership and for her work in educating on subjects that matter to her. She enjoys producing, teaching, writing, public speaking, leading community projects and joint ventures.